Everyone has heard the phrase, "Kids should come with an instruction manual."  Unfortunately, they don't, and so from time to time, issues come up where parenting support is needed. Children go through constant physical and developmental changes, and for parents, it can be hard to keep up. With these changes, and the abundance of transitions in social, emotional, and academic issues, come many, many parenting challenges. Parent consulting was born out of these challenges.

Dr. Scott's unique approach to working with parents draws from her formal doctoral education and years of clinical experience in child psychology, child development, and the parent-child relationship, and combines it with the practical aspects of parent consulting, providing you with the support and strategies you need, when you need it. That is, a compassionate and knowledge-based, yet efficient approach to helping you with your parenting issues as they come up in real time. Studies show that to successfully resolve most parenting challenges, the issues at hand need to be addressed in the moment, and follow up support needs to take place soon after.  Realizing the challenge for most busy parents to find in-office appointments within that time frame, Dr. Scott offers "concierge" parent consulting within her practice. Following the initial in-office planning meeting, as a concierge parent consulting client, you will be able to schedule timely consultations with Dr. Scott to address the issues at hand and receive ongoing support and feedback in order to successfully manage and resolve your specific challenge. Many of Dr. Scott's parent consulting clients continue consulting with her on and off as needed, when new challenges and issues arise with their children. The ongoing and collaborative relationship Dr. Scott establishes with each family, allows for a smooth transition to resume working together after a gap in time. 

Some of the issues that Dr. Scott frequently addresses in her work with parents include:

  • proactive conscious parenting - stay on track with your parenting goals throughout your child's developmental stages and enhance the relationship with your child

  • family/life transitions - helping you to maintain focus on parenting/co-parenting while going through a challenging time (divorce/separation, illness or death of a loved one, re-locating, financial changes)

  • parenting to your child’s temperament and development - behavior plans that work for you, your family, and caregivers

  • transitions - helping your child cope with and manage the necessary changes throughout his/her day, and throughout the stages of development

  • your child’s education and learning - guiding you through age specific appropriate parental involvement

  • ADHD & Sensory Processing issues - positive school and home behavior management plans - working with teachers and others to be effective, yet positive supports for your child. Work focuses on enhancing your child’s self-regulation and awareness and encouraging a positive self-image

  • how to manage media use: age appropriate guidelines and plans

  • strictness throughout your child's life - What’s too much? What’s too little?

  • autonomy vs. closeness (from ages 2-18) - when to let go - when to hold on

  • sports issues - helping your child deal with competition, teamwork, coaches, performance anxiety, try-outs

  • parents of children with medical challenges - balancing support of their special needs while helping them meet their developmental milestones. (Dr. Scott has a special focus working with families with children with type-1 diabetes: visit

  • sibling issues - fighting, fairness, age gaps and responsibilities

  • food issues - how to create healthy habits and good emotions around food and avoid problematic issues

  • chores, responsibilities and allowance - how to navigate when, what and how

Steps to begin Parent Consulting with Dr. Scott

  • First, call Dr. Scott directly or from the client center, schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone meeting to find out if Parent Consulting is right for your situation.

  • Next, schedule an in-office 75 minutes planning session with Dr. Scott to discuss your current situation and goals, and set up a plan that works best for your needs.

  • Finally, you can begin to schedule your phone consultations and/or in-person office meetings as needed per your planning session with Dr. Scott.

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