Individual Strategic Consulting (offered to adults only), began with the idea that some issues need focused, tailored and strategic consultation for a brief period of time in order to get results quickly. Following the basic frame of Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP), Individual Strategic Consulting merges the ideas and concepts of TLDP (working towards making positive changes by identifying roadblocks to achieving them), with establishing realistic goals for change using the ongoing strategic support and guidance from the consultation process.  Consulting can be done in person or by phone after the initial in person planning meeting. Phone consultations are a large part of the success to the consultation process as many of the clients working with Dr. Scott may be busy traveling for work or for other reasons are unable to meet in person or to find an in-office appointment at the time they need consultation. Clients appreciate the flexibility and efficiency of online scheduling to set up supportive phone consultations when they need them, for the amount of time they need in order to discuss their current issue and maintain focus on and progress towards meeting their goals.

Some of the topics that Dr. Scott frequently addresses in Individual Strategic Consulting:

  • Work related issues - helping clients to identify their goals and remove challenges with initiating, planning and implementation of goals

  • Couples issues - brief interventions to common couple's issues - making solid changes for a better relationship

  • New motherhood/parenthood issues - helping new mothers/parents/couples with the transitions in role, lifestyle, identity and self-concept

  • Making life changes: setting and maintaining goals and supporting clients through the evolving process of change

Steps to begin Individual strategic Consulting with Dr. Scott

  • First, call Dr. Scott directly or from the webpage client center, schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone meeting with Dr. Scott to find out if Individual Strategic Consulting is appropriate for you.

  • Next, schedule an in-office 75 minute planning session with Dr. Scott to discuss your situation, goals and set a plan in place.

  • Finally, you can begin to schedule your phone consultations and/or in-person office meetings as needed per your planning session with Dr. Scott.

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