Dr. Scott's fees (ranging from $180-$225 per hour), are based on the amount of time and the type of appointment scheduled. If booking your appointment online, fees are collected by the scheduling system at the time the appointment is booked and will be refunded if a cancellation is made online within 48 hours.  The scheduling system, not Dr. Scott, does this automatically and a small delay in refund may take place when a cancellation is submitted. Please feel free to ask Dr. Scott any specific questions you may have about the fee policy when you have your first complimentary phone meeting. (Please note: Dr. Scott does not take insurance and her consultation services are not typically covered by insurance plans. Some plans, however, may offer reimbursement for services not covered by insurance. Dr. Scott will provide you with a monthly statement of service, fees and payment if requested). 

Dr. Scott is committed to providing each client with the amount of consultation time needed to address their specific issues and goals. She maintains a schedule which will allow for timely feedback and support tailored to each of her consultation clients. In order to meet this commitment, Dr. Scott at times will temporarily close her practice to new clients and begin a waiting list. If this is the case, it will be stated on this website and Dr. Scott would be happy to speak to you about the length of the waiting list and provide you with referrals if needed.

Dr. Scott looks forward to further discussing her policies with you during the first in-office appointment and answer any additional questions you may have.  She will also email you an information page and a few brief forms to fill out and bring to your first appointment.