Junior Consulting (children and teens)

Dr. Scott has enjoyed working with children and teens in the elementary and high school settings, pediatric clinics, family clinics, hospitals, and in private practice. All of these settings have contributed to Dr. Scott’s deep understanding of children and teens and their unique developmental, physical, educational, social and emotional issues. 

Over her years of experience, Dr. Scott has become keen to the realization that like adults, many children and teens have very specific issues that may need to be addressed and worked through, but may not meet the criteria for the need for psychotherapy. Instead, these kids find relief from consulting, sometimes referred to as "coaching", that involves a more time-limited, focused, supportive consultation based approach.  Kids who work with Dr. Scott, (who they typically address more casually as "Shannon"), feel supported and encouraged throughout their specific issues and goals, while gaining important tools to use immediately, as well as to keep in their toolbox as future issues arise.  

Dr. Scott offers a complimentary 20 minute phone meeting with you to assess your child's needs and to determine if Junior Consulting would best address those needs. If Junior Consulting does not seem to be right for your child's current needs, Dr. Scott is happy to help you find the right support for your child and will provide referrals as needed. (Please note: Junior Consulting is an in-office appointment only). 

Some of the issues that Dr. Scott frequently addresses in Junior Consulting: 

  • challenges in school - homework, management, organization, focus and follow-through

  • social issues - peer related challenges, self-image issues

  • media use/overuse - how to manage complex and continually changing social media and issues around problematic media use/overuse

  • teen issues - including transitions to high school and college - dealing with anxiety/ stress, academic performance, peer pressure and issues with drugs and alcohol

  • sports/performance issues - anxiety, stress and other blocks to performance and enjoyment of their sport

  • family stressors - helping children/teens during transitions and changes within the family due to a variety of family stressors: (illness or death of a family member, divorce or separation of parents, blended families/step-families).

  • behavior issues (school/family/peers)- working with your child on self awareness, motivation and regulation, executive functioning

  • children with medical issues - supportive coaching to help children with special medical issues to address their challenges and burnout and ultimately, reach a place of acceptance and empowerment (Dr. Scott has a special focus working with children with Type 1 diabetes: visit type1diabetessupport.com).

Steps to begin Junior Consulting meetings with Dr. Scott

  • First, call Dr. Scott directly, or from the client center's online scheduling, schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone meeting with Dr. Scott to find out if Junior Consulting is right for your child.

  • Next, schedule an in-office meeting for 75 minutes for a planning session with Dr. Scott to discuss your child's situation and set a plan in place (a meeting for parents only).

  • Finally, you can schedule in-person office meetings for your child as needed, per your planning session with Dr. Scott.

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