Child Coaching



Dr. Scott has worked with children in both elementary and high schools, pediatric clinics, hospitals (UC Davis medical center and California Pacific Medical Center), and since 2008, in private practice. All of these settings have contributed to Dr. Scott’s rich understanding of children and their unique developmental, physical, educational, social and emotional issues. (add more here)

What is coaching?  
Over her years of experience, Dr. Scott has become keen to the realization that for a majority of children, seeing a “psychologist” for therapy is intimidating and can be a block in kids getting the help or guidance they need. As a practical approach, and one that Dr. Scott feels works best for kids, is the work of “coaching”.  Coaching allows…(blurb on why coaching works…how it works)

Some of the issues that Dr. Scott specializes in:

  • behavioral issues (in school and home) - behavioral improvement plans
  • ADHD - school, peer and family related issues (add more here)
  • children with medical issues
  • Teen issues / transitions to high school and college
  • sports / performance issues
  • sibling/family issues